According to Bachawath tribunal Judgment and inter-state agreement between Maharashtra,Madhyapradesh and Andhra Pradesh 80 TMC water can be directed to Krishna river from Godavari.

For this purpose, Polavaram project is to be constructed at + 150 FRL and it is useful to 960 MW power generation and crop saving of 11 lakh hectors second crop in Godavari delta, water diversion to Krishna Delta are the main scope for Polavaram project. In 2004 November the then government has taken up Polavaram reservoir and right and left canals. Right canaltaken up equal to flood flow canal to cater the needs of Krishna delta when lean inflows in
Krishna river. But now Polavaram right and left canals works nearing completion except few bottle necks and reservoir work is going slowly. Even though project considered as a National project by the Govt of India but the allocation of meager funds and other reasons causing apprehensions that it may not complete in coming two or three decades also.

At the same time after state division water releases to Krishna delta and Sagar right canal has been becoming controversial and lean inflows and in drought years it is going to be very complicated.

That’s why AP govt decided to take up Pattiseema project in war-footing to avoid time delay of Polavaram and water crisis in Krishna delta.

After the state bifurcation AP felt that, in future there will be delaying or disputes to release water from Nagarjuna Sagar right canal and Krishna Delta due to disputes with Telangana Govt. At the same time Polavaram may be delayed and even govt giving priority also. It willtake at least one decade to get it completed. In this situation govt decided for immediate release to Krishna delta and further to Rayalaseema, Nellore, Prakasam districts needs.

Govt approved the project with 21% excess than the estimated amount which is 1007 Cr INR. But the govt put condition that if the project is completed in-time i.e. one year then only 15% excess will be paid as a bonus including 21% excess.

Pattiseema never to be an interstate dispute as like Chintalapudi LIS, Rajiv Sagar and Indira Sagar LISs and Dummugudam Sagar Tailpond schemes.

Salient features of Pattiseema Project:

1. 80 TMC water diversion to Krishna delta from Godavari when Godavari having floods.
2. Near Pattiseema, Godavari right bank 13 pumps and motors will be erected with the discharge of 8500 Cusecs water capacity.
3. Pump house to right canal around 54 kms huge pipelines will be laid and drop at Polavaram right canal at convenient point. Then it will go to Krishna river with gravity.
4. Some bottle necks, mainly at Tammileru and Budameru aqueducts and structures are to be completed along with Pattiseema works.
5. Procuring of 13 motors and pumps is a main constrain here. That’s why agency taking this work as a challenge and distributed to BHEL, Brazil and China companies equally to supply, equally in time.