Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project 

pattiseema lift irrigation project

Andhra Pradesh State government has taken up the integration of two major rivers Godavari and Krishna and is finishing the project in a record time.Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project is India’s first major River Linking project connecting River Godavari and Krishna creating huge irrigation potential and economic value addition. There are many land marks in Pattiseema project. Some of them are as under:

  • It is India’s first Major River Linking project completed and commissionedin one year
  • Secured place for Fastest construction in Limca Book of Records
  • Diaphragm Wall methodology used for Pump House sub structure having heavy Dynamic Loading.
  • 24 nos of VT Pumps (each 5300 HP / 3.95 MW) are to discharge240 cumecs with 220 KV Substation and 12 rows of transmission main of 3.20m dia, 18mm thick were used for total length of 47.10 Kms.
  • First Irrigation structure with Diaphragm wall method of construction in black cotton soils where hard rock is not met with -11.00m
  • Project completed before contractual schedule.
  • Project put into beneficiary use in 6 months during construction phase itself.
  • Asia’s largest pump house
  • 25% excess utilization than designed during 2nd year of Operation. Pattiseema scheme has been designed for pumping 80 TMC of flood waters. 2nd season operation has delivered 100 TMC of flood water utilization and this in turn ensured 99% of area under cultivation.
  • Flood Waters which was going unutilized is being utilized and this ensures timely water availability and reaping good yields.
  • Risk of crop damages are mitigated as harvest period is ahead of aggressive monsoons and floods.
  • Additional benefit of second crop owing to timely completion of first crop
  • No cost overrun due to before schedule completion
  • Return on capital employed is ensured as project is put in to beneficiary use even during construction phase itself.
  •   First pump commissioned in record time of 161 days and project put into utilization mode

Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme

Salient Features of the Project:

The main components of the work are Pump House, Electro Mechanical Works, Sub Station, Pressure main, Delivery Cistern and Erection of Transmission line.


Total discharge                       :           240 Cumecs (8500cusecs)

Minimum water Level            :           +14.00 m

Delivery level                          :           + 42.50 m

Types of pumps                       :           Vertical Turbine Pumps

No of Pumps                            :           24 Nos.

Discharge of each pump         :           10Cumecs (354 Cusecs)

Pressure main                         :           12 Rows of 3.2 mdia, 18mm thick

Length of pressure main         :           3.925 Km (Each Row)

Capacity of each pump           :           5300 H.P (3.95MW)

Capacity of each Motor          :           6300HP (4.70MW)

Total power required              :           113 MW

Designed Lift                           :           80 TMC in 110 days

Major components in nut shell:

Pump House:  The pumphouse which is spread across an area of 7476 sq. m is the largest in Asiaand is constructed using diaphragm walls as substructure taking the benefit of saving time, elimination of flood risks which is first of its kind in construction Industry.

Electro Mechanical works: 24 nos of VT Pumps (each 5300 HP / 3.95 MW) are to discharge240 cumecs (8500 cusecs) and 24 motors with 6300 HP / 4.70 MW in to Polavaram Right Main Canal. Pumps are designed to place at a level so that it discharges when the water level in Godavari is at +14.00 m or more during the flood days.

Sub Station: A substation with 220/11 KV is constructed at the site. The total power required for the Scheme is 113 MW.

Pressure Main: 12 rows of 3.20m dia, 18mm thick pressure mainof length 3.925 KM is constructed to deliver water into Delivery Cistern.

Delivery Cistern: 74x90m Delivery Cistern is constructed to discharge 240 cumecs of water into Right Main Canal at Ch:  1.500 Km

Transmission Lines:220 KV Transmission lines are constructed by taking connection from existing 220 KVPallantla Switching Station which is about 30 KM far from the Pattiseema Lift Scheme.

Accolades of Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited:

  • Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited has set a Bench Mark to the entire Construction Industry by completion of Pattiseema Irrigation Project
  • Capabilities of Indian Construction Industry are proven and even ahead of various standards/ Bench Marks at Global level.
  • Surpassed Customer (GoAP) satisfaction levels
  • After the completion of the project, the pumps have been operational for 1.2 lakh hours till now. This means that each pump has been operational for 5000 hours without any hurdles. The pumps were successful in diverting 4 TMC of water in 93 days in the first year (2015), 55.6 TMC of water in 137 days in 2016, and 148 TMC of water till now in 2017.

Benefits : It provides Irrigation water to 7 Lakh Acres which provides Crores of additional agricultural produce to farmers from Krishna- Godavari regions and the Rayalaseema region.

How the benefits are being delivered:

The project was designed to lift 80 tmc (trillion metric cubic feet) of flood water in a span of 110 days during the flooding season between July and October from Godavari as was permitted by the Godavari Water Dispute Tribunal (GWDT) from the ongoing Polavaram Multi-purpose Irrigation Project.

From this project, water is pumped up to a nearby point and discharged into Polavaram Right Main Canal, which carry water by gravity to a tributary of River Krishna about 170 km away in the neighboring Krishna district above the Prakasham barrage.

The project contains 24 motors and 24 pumps of 6,300 HP and 5,300 HP respectively with a combined capacity to discharge 8,500 cusecs of water.The project requires 113 mw of power to run all the 24 pumps as each motor require 4.7 mw of power to lift the water.

According to MEIL chief general manager Rangarajan, the pumps will consume about 235 million units(mu) of power to lift 80 tmc of water, and that translates into about Rs 131.6 crore in electricity bill as per the tariff of Rs 5.60 per unit proposed for the lift irrigation projects by AP Discons for the year 2016-17.


Interesting fact about Pattiseema Project:


This project has been registered in Limca Book of Records for integrating Krishna and Godavari rivers within a year time.

pattiseema limca book of records