Gajwel Drinking Water Project

Hello Readers this is one of the best project in india. Now India is growing faster than the before infrastructure projects. Now We are having larger and best infrastructure projects in india equal to other countries.

Now are knowing about one of the best Drinking project in Telangana region.

Gajwel Water Grid Project

Mission Bhagiratha,aimed at to supply piped drinking water to every household in Telangana. In the first phase of the project, works comprising the set-up of 70262 household connections, 793 km. of pipeline through 150 overhead tanks were completed on war-footing in 243 villages of Gajwel constituency. MEIL worked on war-footing to complete the segment within the stipulated time of 24 months from the project start date.

Under the Water Grid project designed by Rural Water Supply department engineers and cleared by the third party WAPCOS, a public sector consultant, 1.25 lakh km of pipeline is being laid in all the districts, barring Hyderabad, to provide drinking water through domestic taps to each and every household by 2018.
About 3,000 households in Gajwel constituency will get drinking water,as part of the project.It would be the first get the water which will be extended to Nalgonda, Ranga Reddy, Khammam and Mahabubnagar in the next phase.

Mission Bhagiratha (Gajwel Segment) will be recognized in the two Telugu-speaking states and across India as the first drinking water project to be executed before the completion date.

Highlights of the Project :

The project include a budget of Rs. 40000 crores,26 segments, 19 intake wells, 56 water treatment plants, 18160 overhead tanks, reservoirs, 5225 km. of primary pipeline, 45500 km. of secondary pipeline, and 75000 km. of distribution network, which will together provide drinking water connections to 24224 villages in 5 phases. These connections will supply 100 liters of water to every person in rural areas, 135 liters per head in towns, and 150 liters per head in cities.