This is Video is about #kaleshwaram Project's one of the main pump house know as Sundilla. In this project Sundilla Pump house plays a crucial role in KLIP to lift the water . MEIL has put the Sundilla Pump House construction on fast track by utilizing its engineering expertise. And today the exaction works are progressing at lightning speed. Water drawn from Annaram barrage is stored at Sundilla barrage. With the help of Sundilla Pump House water from here will be lifted toYellampally barrage said MEIL representative Sundilla Pump House , AGM PVVN Raja. Under Link 1 and Link 2 this Pump house works.In Link 1 Sundilla was the last pump house. Sundilla Barrage will impound 2 TMC to take 131 M FRL and bring back waters to Yellampally Reservoir