Sundilla Pump House Forms a Crucial Part of Kaleshwaram LIS

Sundilla Pump House holds a special place under Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme as it serves a conduit between Link -1 and Link -2 of the lift irrigation scheme. Sundilla Pump House stands crucial in diverting flood waters of Godavari to Yellampally and supply them to the entire lift irrigation scheme. Once water being pumped from Medigadda and Annaram Pump Houses reach Sundilla barrage will be pumped out to Sripada Sagar Yellampally barrage. Sundilla Pump House plays an important role in lifting and pumping water from Sundilla barrage to Yellampally.
Engineering behemoth Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd., (MEIL) being part of many key projects under Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme is executing Sundilla Pump House erection work. MEIL, having given shape to many engineering marvels across the world and earned a unique place for itself by successfully accomplishing complex engineering tasks. It has taken up the execution of Sundilla Pump House, daunting with many challenges and has been progressing with unimaginable speed. Commencement of Sundilla Pump House works when compared with other pump houses in the scheme has been delayed by eight months due to problems like land acquisition and other technical reasons. Despite initial hiccups MEIL has put the Sundilla Pump House construction on fast track by utilising its engineering expertise. And today the exaction works are progressing at lightning speed.
Water drawn from Annaram barrage is stored at Sundilla barrage. With the help of Sundilla Pump House water from here will be lifted to Yellampally barrage said MEIL representative PVVN Raja. According to him the massive Sundilla Pump House being built at Gowliwada will have 9 pumps. It is the last pump house under Link -1. These pumps will lift water to a height of 40 meters and discharge 656 cusecs of water into Yellampally barrage.
Mr. Raju further added that each pump of Sundilla Pump House requires 40 MW of power. Together all 9 pumps would need 360 MW of power. To facilitate uninterrupted power supply to the pump house a 400 KV sub-station was built, he said. The three pump houses that MEIL has been building at Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla are so gigantic and nowhere in the country were such massive pump houses built. The underground pump house being executed by MEIL under package – 8 of Kaleshwaram LIS is being considered as the biggest in the world. Though comparatively capacity of Link-1 pump house motors is less than that of the underground pump house motors, however water lifting capacity will remain same said Mr Raju.
Gigantic pumps and motors were procured from Austria and Finland to erect at Sundilla Pump House. Though works were planned and executed in such a way to commission at least two motors during this monsoon, heavy rains and floods have caused interruption to the pace of works Mr Raju said.
Godavari river water stored in Sundilla barrage will reach the pump house through a 0.80 km gravity canal. Water being lifted by the pump house will reach the delivery point through underground pipes. Laying of pipe line works in 18 rows are progressing at a brisk pace. 37636 tons of steel is being used for laying underground pipelines, Mr Raja added.