Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation Yojana (Sauni Yojana Project)

This is one of the Best Project In India. Indian is growing faster than the before. Now  We are having larger and best infrastructure projects in india  equal to other countries.Our country is looking forward to build mega construction projects soon.

Today we are discussing about the the best project Sauni.Its Stands for Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation Yojana located in the Saurashtra Region of Gujarat.


Sauni Yojana ProjectSauni Yojana Project launched by Shri Narendra Modi in September 2012 with objective of filling 115 major dams by diverting flood water of Narmada allocated to Saurashtra Region.The excess over flowing flood water of Narmada will be distributed to 115 reservoirs of eleven districts of Saurashtra through total 1126 km long four link pipelines benefiting 10,22,589 acre land.

Project Background 

The state of Gujarat was facing severe water scarcity and several regions remain arid and receive scarce rainfall,thus facing frequent droughts.People of Saurashtra and Kutch regions were facing acute shortage of water for drinking and irrigation and were forced to migrate to other regions.Almost 70 percent of dams,reservoirs and other water bodies of this region had become dry and  large area of the Kutch-Suarashtra region was dependent on water supply through tankers.In a bid to mitigate this problem,the Gujarat government undertook the development of a state water supply grid,Swarnim Gujarat Saurashtra–Kutch Water Grid Project.

Objectives of SAUNI 

The project acts as a ‘linking’ project where the water will be filled in irrigation dams that are already equipped with canal network. 

  • 115 dams in the Saurashtra region will be filled with excess water.
  • The pipelines from the SAUNI job are underground, so meaning no soil should be obtained. The plumbing has been massive in diameter 3-M to 500 millimeters. 
  • The stations are increasingly being assembled in us government territory.
  •  It entails putting a 1,125-km system of pipelines at a high price of R S 12,166 crore to haul Narmada drinking water to such dams, also irrigate 4.13 lakh hectares.
  • To resolve the water related problems of an area.

sauni project

Scope Of Work:

Pumping Stations:

  • Two set of Pumps with 13,475 M/hr with 30 meters head
  • Vertical Turbine 10 Pumps (8 working + 2 standby)
  • Motor with 1500 KW horsepower at 594 RPM speed
  • 1 set of HT Panel


  • Length: 40.95 km MS Pipeline of 3000 mm diameter with 17.5 mm thickness
  • Coating: Outside 3 LPE minimum 3.7 mm coating confirming to DIN 30670, Inside 406 micron thick solvent free food grade epoxy coating and heat  shrink sleeve at welding joints    
  • Pipe welding: 32,61,824 cm
  • No of bends : 26 Nos.    
  • No of valves: 24 Nos.

Electrical System:    

  • 66 Kv Switch Yard
  • 10 MVA Transformer with 6.6 Kv Voltage

Civil Work:    

  • Pumping Station: 70.45 M x 13 M x 14.5 M (L,W,H)    
  • Sump: 60 M x 50 M x 7.5 M Depth    
  • MCC Building: 34 M x 23 M x 6.5 M (L,W,H)
  • Switch Yard : 65 M x 35 M  

sauni yogan pump house

The project has four trunk pipelines – namely Link 1, 2, 3 and 4. These will take water to the 115 dams in Saurashtra’s 11 districts.

MEIL is assigned works relating to the execution of two packages of Link-1 of the project.

Link: 1  From Machhu-II dam of Morbi district to Sani Dam of Jamanagar District : which is 180 km long will start from the Machhu II dam in Morbi district. It will cut across Jamnagar, Morbi and Devbhoomi Dwarka districts, and will take water to 30 dams.

Link: 2 Limbdi Bhogavo-II Dam of Surendranagar District to Raidi Dam of Amreli District  : (253 km)- off takes from Limdi Bhogavo II dam in Surendrangar, and lands in Raydi dam in Khambha taluka of Amreli district. It will supply water to 17 dams.

Link: 3 From Dholidhaja Dam of Surendranagar District to Venu-I Dam of Rajkot District : (245 km)- starts from Dholi Dhaja dam in Surendranagar and ends at Venu I dam in Upleta taluka of Rajkot district. It will fill 28 dams along its length.

Link: 4 From Limbdi Bhogavo-II Dam of Surendranagar District to Hiran-II Irrigation scheme of Junagadh : will start from Limdi Bhogavo II dam and end at Hiran II dam in Talala taluka of Gir Somnath district.