This Video is about #Kondaveetivagu Lift Scheme.This scheme is meant to divert flood water to river or canal to avert inundation of thousands of acres of fertile lands due to flash floods.This Scheme is launched to mitigate the threat of floods submerging Amaravati, the upcoming capital city of Andhra Pradesh. The lift scheme designed to lift 5250 cu-secs (0.5 TMC) of water from the stream during floods and pump it into the river and adjoining canal with the help of 16 heavy duty motors and pumps. MEIL has taken up execution of this project with Rs. 222.44 crore and made it ready for launching.Under this scheme MEIL has erected a pump house, discharge point, regulator, a sub-station and power transmission lines.The pump house is ready with 16 pumps and motors. Each motor can lift 350 cu-secs of water. Among the 16 pumps one is kept as a standby. It will be used if any motor fails to work. Each pump has 300 RPM capacity and each motor has 993 RPM capacity.Discharge Point is constructed 23 feet above the ground to avoid any problem even if there is a heavy flood in River Krishna.