Oncology Building Inauguration In Nims

MEIL’s charity to the benefit of cancer patients

Honourable Minister Sri KT Ramarao has inaugurated the new building for Oncology department in NIMS on 13th September. This building is sponsored by MEIL (Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd.) under their Charity.

KTR inaugurates world-class cancer centre at NIMS

MEIL has constructed this building with their own cost and set-up all medical and treatment equipments along with full-fledged establishment of Intensive Care units. 

Managing Director of MEIL PV Krishna Reddy announced 3 years maintenance of entire ward and renovation of ground level old ward with MEIL expenditure.Minister for Medical and health Sri K. Lakshmareddy and Chairman, MEIL Sri PP Reddy, Dr. Manohar, Director NIMS, Important top people from MEIL Sri PV Subba Reddy, Sri Premkumar Pandy, Sri Akhil Reddy,  Sri N Tirupathi Rao, Sri Ch Subbaiah, Sri K Goverdhan Reddy, Sri N V Rao,  Sri Ashok Reddy, Sri Govind etc has participated the event.

Megha Engineering Infrastructures Ltd. which always stands in the forefront in social service activities has built an Oncology building in NIMS, Hyderabad with all modern amenities on par with corporate hospitals.

Study of cancers in medical parlance is called Oncology. Cancer cases are on raise in India. Cancer has no exception. It can strike any one, right from common people to celebrities. According to various studies, there are 2.5 million cancers cases in the country and every year 7 lakh new patients are reported. Once can understand the gravity of the situation as 5.50 lakh people are dying with cancer every year. Of the total deaths reported due to cancer 71% patients are in the age group of between 30 and 69.

When it comes to the state of Telangana, ever year 50% raise in cancer patientsis reported. Of these Oral, Chest, Cervical cancers forms the highest in numbers. In a recent survey conducted by a Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, reveals that there were 9,164 cancer cases found in 12 districts of Telangana. Duet the fact that wide prevalence of cancer patients in the state, Megha Engineering Ltd., (MEIL) has come forward to build an Oncology block for the benefit of cancer patients. It has built an Oncology building in the premises of NIMS - Hyderabad with all ultra-modern facilities on par with corporate hospitals for those cancer patients who cannot afford treatment at corporate hospitals.

MEIL has been carrying out social service activities since a long time. Special ward constructed in Ananatapur District and few villages adopted in East Godavari, Mahabubnagar, Krishna etc... Earlier it had launched an initiative called Bhojanamrutam in Niloufor Children Hospitals in Hyderabad. Under this initiative free mid-day meal was provided to attendants of children. The entire cost of free mid-meal scheme for attendants was borne by MEIL. Under Bhojanamrutam scheme 18,000 people were fed with lunch weekly. MEIL as part of its social service initiative distributed drawing books, coloured pencils to children being treated for cancer at MNJ Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad and also provided free mid-day meal to attendants of children.

The 18,000 sft building, housing ultra-modern cancer facility in NIMS, has been built at a cost of Rs. 10 crore. Started in June, 2017, the building works were completed in a year time with all facilities for cancer patients in place. The Oncology building has separate wards for men and women patients, paediatric ward, leukaemia ward exclusively meant for blood cancer patients. The facility has been provided with 50 beds designed exclusively for the comfort of patients.

There are 5 beds in ICU, 12 beds for men, 10 beds for women, 11 beds for children, 12 beds in the leukaemia ward. To treat patients in highly critical condition, MEIL has set up Ontological Critical Care Unit (ICU) in the building premises. Normally patients undergoing cancer treatment cannot withstand heat and warm conditions. Keeping this in mind MEIL has equipped the Oncology building with central air-conditioned facility.

oncology building at nims

MEIL has ensured that the entire building has false ceiling with LED lights, CC cameras, electrical room and a bed lift to carry 20 patients at a time. The ICU is provided with oxygen and vacuum pressure facility and every two beds in wards have access to oxygen and vacuum facility.

Doctors Room, Faculty Room, Store Room, Processing Room, Staff Rooms built in the facility makes it a full-fledged unit to deal with any kind of emergencies with regard to cancer patients. Oncology building that came up with all modern amenities in NIMS is on par with any corporate hospital and ready to serve the patients.

Ministers K.Tarakaramarao and Lakshma reddy praised MEIL services by doing activities in Health, Medical, Rural Area Development etc works. MEIL Constructed with High Quality and Corporate level amenities oncology ward which is useful to patients needs and strength the government Health system, Ministers added.

KTR at Oncology building at nims

‘Our Social service programs are continuously going on’ said MEIL chairman P.P.Reddy garu. ‘We are also providing free midday meal in several hospitals and providing minimum amenities in several villages of both Telugu speaking states’ he added.