Assam Renewal Project (GGS-VIII)

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Assam Renewal Project

The Assam Renewal Project (ARP) is a prestigious and high-value project which is being executed for the client ONGC.The project involves a major reinvestment plan to revamp production facilities in Assam, to drill many high-tech wells to step up production from the aging oil fields from the current level of 1.4 mtpa (10.3m bbl) to 2.5 mtpa (18.3m bbl) in the next three to four years.This is a revamping project of one of India's largest onshore oil & gas field facilities for ONGC-Assam Lakwa fields on EPC basis.

The main objectives of the project is to strengthen the operational grid of the facility for the next 3 decades, and to develop & setup automated production facilities that minimize the need for human intervention. Once operational, the facility will help reduce the carbon footprint of ONGC-Assam Asset by a significant percentage.GGS VIII, which was a key component of the ARP Lakwa Asset, was successfully completed in 2013-14. It was dedicated to the nation by the union government.

This equipment will be used in the ARP project construction and in the next one month, over 100 equipments will be sent to the Assam Project. The equipment is fabricated by MEIL on time and in accordance with international quality standards.MEIL is playing a lead role in building facilities in the oil and natural gas domain, and is developing robust competencies for the execution of national and international projects. MEIL’s capabilities in the field of Hydrocarbon engineering are vital because of its contribution to the National Product. The renewal package involves a comprehensive replacement, revamping and expansion of equipment and infrastructure in Assam."This investment is part of the mega renewal package for this north-eastern state, being termed Assam Renewal Project, involving a total outlay of around Rs 4000 crore"

The Project Includes:
» Laying of Well Fluid lines, Trunk lines (Oil & Gas), Gas Lift lines, Water Injection Lines
» Construction of Group Gathering Stations – 5 nos.
» Construction of Produced Water Treatment Plants – 2 nos.
» Construction of Water Injection Plants – 2 nos.
» Construction of Gas Compressor Plants – 2 nos.
» Construction of Captive Power Plant Gas Turbine driven 5 x 12.9 MW including Fuel Gas Conditioning System
» Construction of Gas Dehydration Unit
» Construction of Incineration Systems
» Construction of Crude Oil & Produced Water Storage Tanks
» 550 km. of cross country pipeline network
» Construction of advanced flare system to minimize the carbon footprint.