Godavari Drinking Water Supply Scheme Project (GDWSS):

The project, as a whole, was conceived to supply 172 million gallons of water per day to meet the drinking water needs in Hyderabad and surrounding municipalities. More than 30 lakh people will benefit from the successful completion of this project. MEIL's scope involves executing 3 packages in phase-1 of the project. The major work involves the construction of a master balancing reservoir.

A Mission - made it possible by Megha on time

MEIL with a proven track record in executing drinking water supply projects for decades has embarked up on a formidable task of bringing drinking and potable water to Hyderabad.

Megha thus has successfully completed the Godavari Drinking Water Supply Scheme (GDWSS) to quench the thirst of millions in Hyderabad city.

Godavari water, drawn from Yellampally project is 225 kms away from Hyderabad.

Water is then siphoned to treatment plant for purification and chemical treatment before transferring it to a final cistern.

An ambitious project, GDWSS is bringing 148 million gallons per day (MGD) of water to Hyderabad.

Godavari water pumped to Bommakal through pumping station at Murmur and from there it reaches Mallaram village in Medak dist.

MEIL has made it possible by setting up 9 VT pumps of 1.5 cumec capacity and a 220/6.6 KV electrical sub-station at Murmur for continuous pumping of water.

Built a water treatment plant with a capacity of 735 million litres per day (MLD) at Mallaram.

It treats 148 million gallons of Godavari water daily before being pumped to Hyderabad city through a massive pipeline system.

Created infrastructure like a Clear Water Reservoir with a capacity of 80 MLD, a pump house and a 220/6.6 kv electrical sub-station at Mallaram.