Mission Bhagiratha : Mega Drinking Water Project in Telangana

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Mission Bhagiratha is one of the prestigious water grid projects of Telangana State.The  Water Grid Scheme initiated by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, to provide safe drinking water through the pipeline to every household in the rural & urban areas with an estimated cost of Rs 35,000 crore.
 The waters will be collected, reserved and supplied from two of the perennial rivers Telangana (Krishna and Godavari) has got and also from existing reservoirs.The project’s inspiration is from the water grid project in Siddipet constituency which was formulated and executed by our CM. KCR when he was the MLA (1996-97).

Aim Of the Project :

The  aim of this project  is to provide piped water to 2.32 crore people in 20 lakh households in urban and 60 lakhs in rural areas of Telangana.It aims to provide 100 lt per day per person in rural and 130 lt per day per person in urban areas.

Mission Bhagiratha Project Aim

An Overview on Mission Bhagiratha Project :

The entire project is divided into 26 segments, comprising 25,000 habitations, at an estimated cost of ₹42,853 crore.The Krishna and Godavari rivers and existing reservoirs will be interlinked to collect, reserve and supply treated drinking water in the state, to every household in over 25,000 villages and 65 towns. The target is to provide 100 liters drinking water per person in rural areas & 150 liters per person in urban areas. Around 4 TMC is planned for industrial use. The project had to take 13,000 permissions from various departments like railways, defense, national highways, forest, irrigation, panchayat raj, roads & buildings etc.
Telangana Drinking Water Supply Corporation (TDWSCL) was established by the government to implement Mission Bhagiratha. There are 59 overhead and ground-level tanks.40TMC water is sourced from tanks and reservoirs, area range from 100 acres to 10,000 acres. The piping system runs through 1,35,000 kilometers.The electricity required is 182 megawatts.

Project Scope :

The Project comprises 26 segments in 30 districts.
Stages involved in the entire Water Supply chain

  • Sourcing water from major rivers or reservoirs fed by these rivers(Krishna and Godavari)
  • Purify the raw water in near  by Water Treatment Plant
  • Pump treated water to the major OHSRs and Sumps at the highest points
  • Transmit from the highest point through secondary pipeline network to all the habitations by gravity (98%)
  • Distribute to each house hold through a modern, rationalized  intra village network by providing tap connections to each household.

Mission Bhagiratha

Project Highlights :

  • Mission Bhagiratha is a massive project with an outlay of Rs 43,791 Crores
  • Targeted to be completed in a record time of 3 years
  • Covers 2.72crore people and 65.29 lakh households
  • Saturation mode
  • Instead of earlier practise of EPC System for Mega Projects,
  • the project was investigated, designed and estimated by the RWS&S Department
  • All DPRs,Designs prepared by the department and vetted by WAPCOS
  • 98% of transmission & distribution systems function by gravity
  • Transparent tendering process:
  1. E-procurement
  2. No EPC
  3. Not permitted any firm with CDR in the last five years
  4. No Mobilization advance
  5. Strict payment conditions (incentives and penalties)
  6. 5 years defect liability and 10 years O&M on executing agencies
  • Integration of all existing water supply schemes and ongoing drinking water projects
  • Modern survey equipments like DGPS and Hydraulic Modelling Softwares like Epanet,WaterGems and KYpipe utilized.
  • Mission Bhagiratha to be a SMART GRID with Optic Fiber Network provided along the pipe line
  • IT enabled Monitoring Systems - Smart Project with Automated Systems.

Water Requirement (78.06 TMC)

•    Krishna Basin : 29.86 TMC
•    Godavari Basin :48.20 TMC

Total Households to be covered – 62,01,552

•    Rural households to be covered – 49,19,007
•    Urban Households to be covered – 12,82,545
•    Total pipeline network – 1.697 lakh Kms

Source : missionbhagiratha.telangana.gov.in