1. Efforts to strengthen the power transmission system in Andhra Pradesh
  2. Prakasam District gets first 400.K.V. Substation
  3. Substation established in a sprawling 70 Acres place
  4. The transmission lines will enable the quality power supply to whole Prakasam District
  5. 400/220 K.V, Sub statin constructed for Podili-Kandukuru Transmission system
  6. Works completed in a record time of 13 months.
  7. MEIL has constructed 400/220 K.V. Substation in Podili
  8. A 5 K.M. long Multi-Circuit has constructed from 400/220 K.V. Sub Station to Podili Sub Station
  9. Through this Transmission Line, Podili 220 K.V. substation gets charged
  10. Works related to the enhancement of two 315 MVA ICTs, 80 MVA reactor is in progress