1. Kaleshwaram project is famous for pumping Godavari water from the downstream to the upstream. 
  2. At the same time, there is another speciality of this gigantic project. 
  3. That is, supplying irrigation water to the ayacut through pipes. 
  4. This unique scheme implemented for the first time in South India. 
  5. The ayacut under the 21st package is drawing water through the pipes. 
  6. In other words, through the pipes laid in the underground of the agricultural fields, the water delivered. 
  7. The government has embarked on an innovative irrigation project with the objective of utilising water efficiently and adopting advanced methods of irrigation.
  8. KondamCheruvu project constructed to supply the water directly to the farms through pipes without evaporation. 
  9. Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) completed many complex and diversity of projects in a specified time. 
  10. With this unique project, it is bringing a bliss to the farmer.
  11. MEIL remains at the forefront of implementing new technologies and innovative ideas in an evolving world. 
  12. For the first time in Asia, the Israeli technology called Outlet Management System (OMS) in KLIP’s package-21. 
  13. With the completion of Keleswaram Package-21, named as KondamCheruvu, the water neither evaporates not nail into the ground. 
  14. Two pump houses were built under the package-21. 
  15. Ten machines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each installed in the Metpalli pump house. 
  16. At the Gadkol pump house, eight machines installed with a capacity of 2 MW each.
  17. The state government is taking bold steps intending to make Telangana as arable land.
  18. MEIL with its engineering and technical expertise, implementing the new methods in the projects. 
  19. Undertaken the piped irrigation project on an experimental basis to supply the water to the agricultural field through pipes and successfully completed. 
  20. This innovative method will enable water management without evaporation or wastage.
  21. The piped irrigation system did not burden the government with additional cost or land acquisition. 
  22. The KondamCheruvu Project intended to supply irrigation water to 80,000 hectares.
  23. KondamCheruvu and ManchippaCheruvu interlinked with the pipeline. 
  24. A 6129 kilometres long pressurised pipeline with MS, DI and HDPE pipes through the agricultural lands. 
  25. MEIL executed 282 kilometres long DI pipeline and 150 kilometres of MS pipeline network. 
  26. The project is to irrigate 46,000 hectares of the Metpalliregion. 
  27. Gadkol pump house supplying irrigation water to 34000 hectares in Nizamabad Rural,Balkonda and Armor constituencies. 
  28. The water supplied by a pumping station located 14.4 km away on the Nijamsagar Canal in Metpalli. 
  29. Experts also point out that farmer’s incomes will double through such innovative schemes. 
  30. With piped irrigation schemes, water can be supplied to every last ayacut and also can boost the farm productivity, they added.